Timeline First Doctor

this is a list of episodes / events that happen to the first Doctor,  in between certain stories including Unproduced Side Episodes (they are listed chronologically, earliest first)

Early life

little is known about The Doctor’s early life, even with the episode11/12 “The Doctor and the haunted house”.

Academy days

little is known about The Doctor’s academy days, though she lets out little snippets from time to time, including saying that she and her best friend trapped a teacher in a time loop and this is why they were banned from going in time and space, yet chose to run off and do so anyway, and that she barely passed the exams on the second try with a score of 51% though she says she wasn’t really trying

The Shada escapee

this is referred to in the middle of episode 3 and at the beginning of episode 4 of “The Doctor, citizen of Gallifrey”, it also seems The Doctor took time to travel and do other things (including getting several doctorates) throughout the years she was accomplishing this mission.

Post-Gallifrey escape

season 2 means a new frock!

little is known about The Doctors travels after running away from Gallifrey until she ran into Terry, but it does seem she traveled for a few years and was back from meeting Wal Thornhill, before Terry interrupted her.

Post Vortex of the Nix prior to War on C.A.C.XI

little is known about The Doctor and Terry’s travels during this time, though it seems, that they have traveled and had some other adventures during this time, particularly as the doctor is wearing a new outfit in the early part of War on C.A.C.XI, that Terry never refers too, as if he’s seen it before. Some stories were planned for this period yet hit the cutting room floor. This list of stories includes a Girl who has got lost from a gender opposite universe,  a story about an ancient evil frozen as a statue returning to life, the return of the mastermind on an alien world, a trip back to feudal Japan. Some of these we hope to produce in the future ( or is it the past ? 😉 because of the interest in them.