About us

A Time Lady’s journeys through time and space with her BFF, some robots and a 20-something aussie bloke – what could possibly go wrong? Modern full cast audio drama produced for community radio. It’s G rated family friendly originally broadcast live to air on 96.5 fm and 103.7 fm Launceston Tasmania Australia, and around the world via Tunein. The archives are online here season 1 season 2 or as podcast on Soundcloud Stitcher itunes

Stand by for Season 3 2018!

Season 3 trailer featuring Moira Seward and Richard Butler with music by George C Lock after R. Grainger and Delia Derbyshire

Artwork by Rabiddog008 and Katrina Joyner – see more about our artwork as well as the audio/video in the Blog!


Take Part

Get aboard the Questr! We are looking for volunteers

  • voice actors ( no experience necessary.)
  • graphic artists
  • sound creators

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