Audition – Gemini Plans

Jaspreet Singh needs voice actors – read on if you interested

UNPAID – Deadline is 20th December 2018

Hello, my name is Jaspreet Singh and I am working on an exciting project entitled ‘Doctor Who – The Gemini Plan)’ which will be an audio adaptation of the 1971 comic of the same name. The script is complete and I would love to open up this audition for you all.

I have included audition lines that you can send to me via my e-mail – if you are interested in this project.

– JO (Early 20s, BRITISH, Female) Assistant to the Doctor. (Successful Actress will get to reprise the role again for future episodes)

“Well, being dragged 500 years into the future, for example? I mean, all that business with the miners and the colonists.”

-JENKINS (Early 30s, AUSTRALIAN, Male) – Brute but loyal to the project.

“I ought to give you wack there, whoever you are!”

-DROID (ROBOT) – Military droid.

-CHARLIE (Early 30s, AUSTRALIAN, Male) – Trigger happy lackey/coward.

“I’m not going back to prison!”

-MR KEELE (Early 30s, AUSTRALIAN, Male) – Security Chief, Calculated.

“I demand you tell me who you are…”

-STEVENS (Early 30s, AUSTRALIAN, Male) – Proud scientist/Good hearted.

“We contained it by the skin of our teeth. We may not be so lucky next time.”

-STEINER (Early 40s, GERMAN, Male) – Stubborn and proud brainchild of Project Gemini. Bad natured.

“Your concern is with such important matters as the canteen facilities and the new roster for the cleaners. Anything to do with the drilling is my concern and mine alone. And that includes minor maintenance problems.”


“Countdown begins in T-Minus thirty seconds and counting…”

-2 ABORIGINAL Tribal Elders (male or female – aboriginal language)


“You, alright there sir?”


“Attention! Attention! Stand down!”

-MAJOR BLAKE (Early 30s, AUSTRALIAN, Male) – Loyal UNIT major.

“Ahh! There you are Doctor! We received your message at HQ.”

Questions? Thank you!


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