World Music

Episode 23 – Connor and mystery date made with pichichama art game  at

More free audio resources –


Bruce Fenton believes Aboriginal Australians are from the civilization responsible for building Gobekli Tepe.

a didgeridu is called by many other names including “yidaki”  and interestingly”bambu” which indicates to me its ancient origins in the buried lands beneath the seas to our north, congruent with why I wanted yidaki music for ep23/24

I learnt this from an Australian, Dr. James G. Barrett now living in Sweden, after finding his music on for ep 23/24  Read his story

Binaural Recordings

Many thanks to Oliver Hall for the use of his work has a marvellous selection of field recordings for your pure enjoyment – or in our case for the waves of Mestifir by request – i’ll have to cut around the odd seagull crawkings in Devon which fortunately do not intrude often. His excursion to japan has the wonderfully named ‘bells of time’ which i found on the freemusicarchive .

and from Germany also for Shogun of time comes the binaural storm

Incidental  music

Swedish composer Alexander Hoff asks only that you credit his  (mostly epic) music if you use it

Famously nice Canadians have a musical mascot in Lee Rosevere who has been giving away his Happy Puppy music on the and you may tip the artist via name your price for lossless quality on bandcamp. He specialises in podcast music and the sort of new age chill spaciness beloved of spas and yoga practitioners. Oh he also makes ringtones! Blessing be.

The entire catalogue is free to download for listening or  NFP  as  Commercial licenses are only $8!  Click the cart and choose ‘listening’ or ‘project’ to download.


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