People in a Box

Season 2 Doctor Who fan production left off last year in October with The Doctor locked in a Tardis Like Box (TLB) called the Questr with Terry and ButlerBot though its not crashing this time. Our lovely Doctor from the future and Narrator Dian Smith for season 2-3 finally has an avatar from sweetygame via

Episode 17 The Doctor and The Ruler of Rea part 1 – written by Adam Brooks and Carolyn Rutter

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Guard of Mestifir avatar from – art by David Kawena


  • Voice from Beyond: (Bruce Tiffin)
  • Narrator, Doctor(iv): (Dian Smith)
  • Doctor(ii): (Moira Seward)
  • Terry/doppelganger: (Michael Rutter)
  • Belaria  –  inspired by the manga ‘one piece’ : (Katrina Joyner)
  • Grey Skinned AlienVendor:  ( Dextrous Wings )
  • Guard:  (John Coleman )
  • Chamberlain: (Stuart Pinel)
  • Keeik, a career kidnapper: (Trevor Sneath)
  • Skuleigh:  (Steve White)

video with captions

dolls from, azaleas dolls and as well as motion graphics from AA VFX and bespoke artwork from katrina joyner. other backgrounds from

Music – Sound Design by Carolyn Rutter

with infinite thanks to Jan C Jones of ‘A journey with Strange Bedfellows’ for her advice.
Jean Michel Jarre Who Theme from George C Lock Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Between Mirrors from Alex Doan

Vanished Island from David Fesliyan

Music (or “Medieval Introduction” song)* by Tristan Lohengrin :

Spartan Warriors with kind permission of Derek and Brandon Fiechter, all rights reserved

Henry Hargrave – Concerto No 4 in B-flat Major for bassoon and orchestra (con spirito & gavotta) – Baroque Music Library

Infados from Kevin Macleod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


unless otherwise noted Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution non commercial 3.0 License – the weird side samples, movements-05

our sfx library is cumulative – hear a sound you like but its not listed? either we made it and you can request it by timestamp or its from a previous episode – our ransomer Keeik  – Trevor who played Geldon in episode 9 going down the same acoustic stairs again.

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