Connor Mulder

Our female timelord’s new companion is Connor ‘Danger’ Mulder – a highly enthusiastic Space Radar Technician from the Penrith Observatory.  He is of Aboriginal descent and is obsessed with Xfiles, conspiracy theories and the paranormal so after being introduced to the cybers in episode 15 he is thrilled to be finally ‘living the dream’ aboard the Questr after he accidentally gets aboard on New Years Day 2016 ( episode 19 )

avatar from  Hipster dressup at

David Kawena artistAdam’s character brief  ‘dark haired, dress in hipster bogan style’ morphed a tad during script rewriting when Bruce Tiffin who is aboriginal, sugested we use ‘deadly’ as a catchphrase to replace Terry’s ‘flip!’ and the overused ‘awesome’ (although early episode seems have gone to production as ‘crikey’ which is what happens when old people edit your scripts 😛

Played by Richard Butler a professional Voice over artist from Sydney . Richard has been brilliant – he has really nailed the character, and his ad libs add fluency to the script. He has played 4 characters – including the problematic kids voices in ep 9/10 and 17/18 as well as the alien darkshade farmer in 13/14 .


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