Season 2

First Broadcast Sunday May 21st 2017

Episodes 9-10; The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI Written by Adam Brooks

16730154_723127181192840_6372848964170489943_nSynopsis; after landing on an alien world The Doctor and Terry must stop two warring armies that threaten to destabilise the entire universe.
Episode 9 Episode 10

Episodes 11-12; The Doctor and the Haunted House Written by Adam Brooks


Synopsis; Everyone needs a friend. After the recent incident The Doctor can’t recall something important so she takes Terry back into her early life

Episode 11 Episode 12

Episodes 13-14; The Doctor and the Slaves of Time Written by Royce Gale

Synopsis; Terry gets taken as a slave, The Doctor must manipulate time to free him before it’s too late
Episode 13 Episode 14

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Episodes 15-16  The Doctor and the Cyber Invasion – Written by Adam Brooks and Carmell Butter

Synopsis; S2 finale – The Doctor finally delivers Terry to his New Year’s party just in time for  the arrival of some unexpected guests from space! Who will save the day?
Episode 15 Episode 16

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