Episode 19 The Doctor and the Monarch of Mestifir part 1

written by Adam Brooks and Car Mel Butters

The Doctor and her new companions return to Mestifir to solve the mystery of Prince Tarl’s dissapearance.


Meanwhile in the far away Delta Sector Keeik the Kidnapper continues his career in a spin off comedy “a package arrives” for world audio drama day. www.stitcher.com/podcast/how-to-listen-to-music-in-the-22nd-century/e/56981217

Happy 55th anniversary Doctor Who!

the voice talents (contact details on the  supporting cast page)

Bruce Tiffin
Moira Seward as the Doctor
Steve White as Scully
Dian Smith the Narrator
Adam Brooks &
Pete Lutz as Butlerbot
John Coleman is the Lynel
Richard Butler as Connor Mulder
voice overs Abby Nemec and Michael ‘Flash’ Marshall

music CC-by-3-ND

avatar from david kawena ‘hipster maker’ game dolldivine.com

Marimba Thriller/Road to Dark Tower  from cinematicwaves
Just Run sergeycheremisinov.bandcamp.com
Venemous from fesliyanstudios.com

Jean Michel Jarre Who theme from soundcloud.com/george-lock-5

SFX all are licenced creative commons by attribution unless otherwise noted.

99sounds.com Soniss.com www.soundmorph.com digitalrainlab.com

and of course freesound.org 

artwork by Katrina Joyner and pixabay.com

video textures by
AAVFX.com pixabay.com and videvo.com

Interestingly the question of political correctness and diversity etc… had nothing to do with why a fanfic audio play has an Aboriginal hero. We just needed a new G rated exclamation for the character. Terry had taken “flip!” with him, awesome was getting tired, nobody but me liked ‘crikey!’ In the process it did expose some mental biases – picturing him in our heads he was originally SE Asian – a sort of nerdy type,’dark haired, dressed in hipster bogan style’ as per his creator Adam Brooks’ side.

Then when Bruce suggested ‘deadly’ at a brainstorming sesh I realised an aboriginal looking hero had never crossed my mind and then worse – as I stumbled around trying to make an ‘aboriginal looking’ avatar I found out why that’s so hard – it has nothing to do with skin colour and everything to do with culture – its internalised. I would never have dared except that Bruce Tiffin was there to guide (his Tasmanian family is a very blond aboriginal one) – so we went through a few iterations until we got this little cutie loosely based on a grown up Brandon Walters.

Digital doll by a professional Disney artist David Kawena thanks to an online art game www.dolldivine.com/hipster-maker.php scripted by Olga Rogula. Bruce approved a Stetson btw as apparently the younger jackaroos are wearing them.


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