Free sound effects

I’ve approached this audio drama with cinematic style in mind so I get a lot of help from video instructional websites. has some great tutorials on audio effects as well as very useful sound packs – not so big that i can’t find what i want fast.

Mix your own ambient sound online Making a couple of ambient loops the easy way for season 3 including fantasy forest of bioluminescent bamboo

Baroque Music 190 titles to download for free and its sister site with folkmusic  email for licence particulars

Stereo v. Joint Stereo

Borrowed a mates cheap mics – Roland ISK 57 and an ISK 58 and his awesome USB audio interface . The mics are around $50 each and work great in my living room with no booth. Barely registered passing ambulance sirens, trains, barking dog or even the birds with the windows and doors wide open! (the downside of audio drama production – being stuck in hot soundproof box) Most noise came from moving the mic itself. oh and the laptop fan  – just exiling the laptop with its fan to the adjoining room and drawing the blinds for the test below. A stand and a pop filter and all will be sweet for a mobile recording with the laptop at studio D or wherever YAY no more problems with City Park Radio presenters randomly booting us out in the middle of recording.

A little experiment in mixing and exporting formats from audacity – can anyone hear any difference apart from me and our script writer Adam Christopher? Music track was split and the tracks panned left and right by 20% – the speech is a mono recording centred. Final mix is stereo. Music begins 30 sec mark – and there’s 20 secs room tone at the start

mp3 joint stereo 170-210kbps / stereo mp3 170-210 kbps /  wav

no panning, joint mp3

wav (this is superior but so big, there is no hope)

will report back when i buy the pigs ears and rig up the binaural ASMR setup for episode 20 …. 😀


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