and #Questrfullofbras frilly bits, crinolines, Andorrean wetsuits, armour …. probably BRACES (but our doc would never wear them! She’s fashion conscious but above all pragmatic – those hammerspace pocketsses. Can you see her in a hat? Helmet yes hat …. maybe on that vacation she’s always trying for though Doctor Who Velocity is rocking the Boy … More #tardisfullofbras

People in a Box

Season 2 Doctor Who fan production left off last year in October with The Doctor locked in a Tardis Like Box (TLB) called the Questr with Terry and ButlerBot though its not crashing this time. Our lovely Doctor from the future and Narrator Dian Smith for season 2-3 finally has an avatar from sweetygame via dolldivine.com Episode … More People in a Box