Time for the Cloister Bell to Sound

So I’m in the throes of assembling the audio for eps 19-20 which have the dialogue recorded but also trying to get the finale scripts written. Starting here kind of helps.


I have a soundscape in my head now – the wind through the megaliths of  Gobekli Tepi as per Tess of the D’Urbervilles https://soundsofstonehenge.wordpress.com/thomas-hardy-tess-of-the-durbavilles-and-stonehenge/ and music assembled ( digeridoos, space drums, lithophones, )

It is of course not going to match BBC canon much. Although taking some ideas from it – the master and doctor are siblings.  Twins – half human on their Father’s side ( an aussie electrical genius she brought back to earth past to save him from greedy company in our time although she’s unaware of setting this up. ) since we are gender swapped. I think I’m killing dad off and mum is on her last regen.

its 12,900 BC and earth and mars are another height of their civilization – Dad and maybe everyone human at that point is aboriginal if I’m brave enough. timelord mum’s the author of the “Lovely Planet Guide” who came to earth  in a rickety type 160 time machine that’s completely busted, to live out the end of her days, meets love of that last life, has twins. Dad created the Thornhill capacitor which powers out time machines and now also has made the Stellar Gloves ( Hand of Omega) which the Master has tracked down and thus brings along the Manipulator from ep 10 to his goal – He’s stealing Master’s time machine and stranding him on earth. Doc has to rescue him too.)

I think it begins and ends with the same scene replayed on both episodes but with different outcomes.  the doctors parents / doctor and master standing either side of a huge rift forming. Ultimately turning back the blast that would shatter earth and throwing it to Mars ( which is is the sister civilization that is successfully evacuated to future Mondas. ) tearing the Vales Marineris and destroying all life on mars.

I’ve got the ringing of the our cloister bell recorded; the thriving Eden like worlds devolving into chaos to the sound of “lumina” by KKev – https://youtu.be/vFeWj9Mctw0?t=28s Permission has been kindly granted by the composer to use his work with attribution. It’s roughly a three parter which creates something to structure the story around. There’s the beautiful but sad beginning, a vocal lament around the two min mark on which to leave the first ( more disastrous) iteration of the climax in ep 23 and then the final uplifiting resolution to take us out of 24.

If we are lucky Peter Van Riet who is another audio drama score composer who has also volunteered will come up with a villainous theme for our Manipulator!  https://soundcloud.com/petervanriet/redlas-flight
Anyway how’s that for a beginning and end – just the middle to work out!!


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