Supporting Cast

16708227_723127211192837_5819801933842608726_nThe supporting cast are both amateur, and professional voice actors, new to radio and veteran announcers. For a radio play we have a big cast thanks to the students at AFTRS AUSTRALIAN FILM TELEVISION AND RADIO SCHOOL and the fans of DWAD The Doctor Who Audio Dramas answering our cry for help to populate episodes 15/16 which had 17 individual parts scripted.

Since a voice print is unique as a fingerprint there was really only so much one can do without sounding like a Game of thrones audiobook (Guinness book of records 224 characters voiced by one british actor Roy Dotrice – there’s a section for audio plays too!) Because of the voluntary nature of the project scripts can get epic – the budget is in one sense unlimited ( like the wardrobe budget ).

Season 3 Supporting Cast Skuleigh the Jereth

Season 2 Supporting Cast