and #Questrfullofbras frilly bits, crinolines, Andorrean wetsuits, armour …. probably BRACES (but our doc would never wear them! She’s fashion conscious but above all pragmatic – those hammerspace pocketsses. Can you see her in a hat? Helmet yes hat …. maybe on that vacation she’s always trying for though Doctor Who Velocity is rocking the Boy George hat in her videos )

Still seeking artwork volunteer

– haggle – Adam B may pay as the precedent was set in season 1. Current visual beautification is by Katrina Joyner – thank you lovely lady 🙂

Crew thankyous!

Season 3 is well into recording for ep17-18. Adam Christopher a seasoned podcast writer who hosts After6podcast.com  has volunteered to write 21/22 – welcome aboard the Questr sir! We met via Audio Drama Production Podcast https://www.facebook.com/groups/747178725350066

Big thank you to Derek and Brandon Fiechter for allowing us to choose music from their EPIC canon.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0yUBkFDEG0&sns=fb

We have the usual suspects on the acting crew welcome back and forward ho everyone!. There will be more voice parts …. its probs BEN HUR again…. so I’m sending shoutouts to AFTRS and across the web – if you would like to have a go we can probably arrange studio time in Syd, melb, london … the podcasting/Whovian network is awesome.



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