Season 3

Currently in production for broadcast on City Park in 2018. Updates via our facebook page. Scripts to be finalised. If you would like to join the crew apply on the contact page.

Episode 17/18 ;     The Doctor and the Ruler of Rea pt1/2 Written by Adam Brooks

Synopsis; what has become of Terry and The Doctor?  the reveal of the cliff hanger from last year is here…

Episodes 19-20;     The Doctor and the Mystery of Mestifir pt1/2 Written by  Adam Brooks

Synopsis; The Doctor and her new companions unravel a mystery on Mestifir

Episodes 21-22     The Doctor and YOUR SCRIPT HERE  pt1/2 Written by   ???

Synopsis; OPEN TENDER FOR SCRIPT to apply see wanted page

Episodes 23-24     The Doctor and The Omega Man pt1/2 Written by Carmell Butter

Synopsis; The Doctor receives a distress signal from an old friend.

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