Season 3

Doctor Who fan audio drama Featuring Dian Smith and Moira Seward as the Doctors.  Currently in production – Updates via our facebook page.

Episode 17/18  The Doctor and the Ruler of Rea parts 1/2

Written by Adam Brooks and Carolyn Rutter

Synopsis; What became of The Doctor and Terry?  The reveal of the cliff hanger from last year is here on a bioluminscent world of Gods and shape shifters …

Show notes/video ep17 
Show notes/video ep18

Episodes 19-20;     The Doctor and the Monarch of Mestifir pt1/2

Written by Adam Brooks and Carolyn Rutter

Synopsis; The Doctor and her new companions discover what has become of the future Monarch of Mestifir in the fiery finale of the 4 part story arc

Episodes 21-22     The Doctor and the Shogun of Time  pt1/2

Written by  Adam Christopher

Episodes 23-24     The Doctor and The Omega Man pt1/2

Written by Carmell Butter

Synopsis; In the conclusion to the three season trilogy the Doctor’s long past catches up with her at last when she receives a distress signal from a very, very old friend.


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