charicter info i.s-bot

Inteligent srvice robot aka I.s-bot or izzy is a small 2ft tall robot that looks rather child-like, izzy was bult by the timelords to service their time machines, izzy travels with the doctor assisting in her adventures, izzy can change out many of its parts and has many fnctions, including flying feture, tenticle feture, swimming … More charicter info i.s-bot

Cating roles 3

Roles for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix Narrator* 1stDoctor* (f) Companion, Terry Fowler (m)* IS-Bot* Buttler-bot* Roles to fill for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix slug alien shopkeeper slug alien commander slug alien police officer rat alien comander rat alien 1 rat alien 2 * Semi-permanent role  

The Questr

the Questr is the doctors “borrowed” Type 40 time-machine which the doctor uses to travel through time and space with various companions, the extearior appears to be a wooden 1950’s photo booth