star wars cross-over

a while ago a story idea came to me, the synopsis is, there’s this rouge sith who’s moved to the outskirts of town on a far off world and suddenly the doctor turns up asking for directions or whatever when Jedi turn up to fight the sith on behalf for the towns people

Cating roles 3

Roles for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix Narrator* 1stDoctor* (f) Companion, Terry Fowler (m)* IS-Bot* Buttler-bot* Roles to fill for the Doctor and the Vortex of the Nix slug alien shopkeeper slug alien commander slug alien police officer rat alien comander rat alien 1 rat alien 2 * Semi-permanent role  

The Questr

the Questr is the doctors “borrowed” Type 40 time-machine which the doctor uses to travel through time and space with various companions, the extearior appears to be a wooden 1950’s photo booth