Episode 17 The Doctor and the Ruler of Rea pt 1

written by Adam Brooks and Carolyn Rutter Season 2 Doctor Who fan production left off last year in October with The Doctor locked in a Tardis Like Box (TLB) called the Questr with Terry and ButlerBot though its not crashing this time. Our lovely Doctor from the future and Narrator Dian Smith for season 2-3 finally has … More Episode 17 The Doctor and the Ruler of Rea pt 1

Sounds of Silence

Episode 9 takes us to a desolate mining colony on the edge of the future human galactic expansion whose hills will be alive with ‘brown noise’. … More Sounds of Silence

Mixing Audio 101

 “See 1 do 1 teach 1” A quick behind the scenes look at how we take our voice actors onto alien worlds. Did we mention we are all amatuers and volunteers?  Firstly the lines are recorded by Adam Brooks the director with the actors in studios at City Park Radio Launceston using Audacity. Audacity is an audio editing … More Mixing Audio 101