comunity radio Tasmania

we may get our recordings put out to other community radio stations, and get broadcast state-wide via them

here’s a list of the community radio stations in Tasmania

093.7 & 100.3     FM         Star FM                Break O’Day

106.1 FM                              Coast FM             Wynyard

099.3 FM                              Edge Radio          Hobart

106.5 FM                              ultra106five        Hobart

095.7 FM                              Heart FM             Northern Midlands

105.3 FM                              Way FM               Launceston

098.9 FM                              TYGA FM             Derwent Valley

096.1 FM                              Hobart FM          Hobart

095.3 FM                              Tamar FM            George Town

103.7 FM                              City Park Radio  Launceston

097.1 FM                              Mid FM                Oatlands

098.5 FM                              Huon FM             Huon Valley

097.7 FM                              Tasman FM         Tasman Peninsula

0864 AM                              RPH                        Hobart

you should be able to hear our audios on one of these, here or on our facebook site as they are posted


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