The Doctor: Citizen of Gallifrey part 1 and 2

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Written By Adam Brooks

Set on Gallifrey in the Rassilon Era, we meet the young Theta Sigma and her best friend, a boy, in trouble again at the Timelord academy. Rather than miss out on ‘the school excursion’ in the time capsules they seize an opportunity to head out of poorly supervised detention and climb aboard what will become “the Questr

Cast: The Doctor and Narrator – Rowena Dinsmore, Best Friend – Adam Brooks, Students/soldiers/rebels – Brooke Malloy,Royce Gale,Carolyn Rutter, Teacher – John Brooks

Edited by: Adam Brooks, Carolyn Rutter and Trevor Sneath

12573045_546702028835357_1258180454527503504_nTheme Music Played by Elvis Smith and Jack Willett

Additional Music

Show notes ( spoiler alerts )

Adam wanted to explore the doctor’s youth and also to have a female protagonist. He set the story in what was mentioned within the Whovian canon as a favourite period of earth’s history. Being female and having no budget constraints with wardrobe ( big benefit of audio drama!) meant we could indulge in some frills, literally, to underscore her youth and femininity.

Sound FX  *

[ White Noise ] Real Library Sound by REAL Sound

British Museum, Entrance Hall by MasterSoundEffects

St James's Park Spring Afternoon

Classroom by Random/Pointless Videos

Ambient Medieval/Fantasy Town Sounds (Put on Loop)  by Helix

Lord of the Rings ASMR - Rivendell - Ambient sound white noise by ASMR Rooms
City Park Sound Effects by CMIUC100 Market Place (foreign voices) by HQSFX People Talking in Background Ambience Park SOUND EFFECTS - Outside Ambience City Stadt SOUNDS by BerlinAtmospheres Footsteps SOUND EFFECTS Good for outdoors, with extra people too Footsteps - SOUND EFFECTS (creaky stairs and various others Sci Fi Beeps by BerlinAtmospheres High School Hallway Ambience by SoundEffectsFactory 23 FOOTSTEPS Looping Sound Pack [FREE DOWNLOAD] by SoundLikeTube CC Knock On Door And Footsteps (Creepy House) by Nosferatu Sound Effects Horror Sound Effect - Creaking Door Open (Drawn Out) Horror Sound Effect - Horror Scream Heartbeat Door Sound Collection by Sound Effects Central Sliding Glass Doors by Sound Effects Sliding Glass Door Opening by Audio Library - Sound Effects 5 Strange Sounds No One Can Explain by Beyond Science Scream Collection - Female by Sound Effects Central AudioProductions London Footsteps On Stairs Sound Effect by Audio Productions Wooden stairs squeak sound effect (normal speed) by Jojikiba

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