Script writers wanted for Season 3

The Doctor’s Adventure continues with a new companion

Production has started for episodes 17-24 and we have script writer vacancies for episodes 21-22  ( one story in 2 episodes ). 8-10 mins of dialogue each episode allows us time for sfx and so on. completed running time 15 mins MAX. Will be broadcast in 2018 at City Park Radio.

Story ideas should be for time-travel, and include all existing main characters – the Lady Doc played by Moira Seward, Connor her new companion – the Tek from ep15/16 played by Richard Butler, Butler Bot, and a narrator as needed – a later Doctor speaking in first person preferred, please listen to episode 13 for the idea except we are using an older doc as played by Dian Smith for this final season. The age gap is at least 70,000 years or so if you think about a timelord aging at say a thousand times slower than a human per regeneration.

G rated – some hard science and historical detail preferred – if you require technical advisors these can be sourced. Starwars crossover could be a thing. One grammatically correct use of the word doctor immediately followed by the word ‘who’ hidden in every script eg. Ogron: Give up and hand over the Golden Flower! There’s no way out Doctor! Doctor: Who says so? Connor catch!

No Daleks, black holes, NO WEEPING ANGELS.

General remarks as per our friends at DWAD 

Please fill in the contact form if interested.


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