and #Questrfullofbras frilly bits, crinolines, Andorrean wetsuits, armour …. probably BRACES (but our doc would never wear them! She’s fashion conscious but above all pragmatic – those hammerspace pocketsses. Can you see her in a hat? Helmet yes hat …. maybe on that vacation she’s always trying for though Doctor Who Velocity is rocking the Boy … More #tardisfullofbras

Episode 9 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI

by Carolyn Episode 9 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI  – Written by Adam Brooks. Originally to be set in feudal times as The Doctor searches for the ‘cursed’ golden flower in Japan but now offworld in the distant future as humans conquer interstellar travel post “Thornhill capacitor”  mentioned in Episode 8. Some time … More Episode 9 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI

Amber Rack

Amber has been acting since she was first cast as Flopsy in her kindergarten class production of ‘Peter Rabbit.’ She has many years of experience performing in stage (particularly musical theater) and film work, and has recently expanded her repertoire to include voice acting. She has worked since 2014 with the Doctor Who Audio Dramas … More Amber Rack

Marie Elizabeth

Marie has used her voice throughout her entire career in marketing from interviewing to giving presentations, and more recently turned to community broadcasting, reading news for 2ser‘s breakfast and morning programs in Sydney. Originally from the UK, Marie enjoys wearing Vivienne Westwood as well as watching Red Dwarf… and after being in Australia for two … More Marie Elizabeth