Episode 9 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI

by Carolyn Episode 9 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI  – Written by Adam Brooks. Originally to be set in feudal times as The Doctor searches for the ‘cursed’ golden flower in Japan but now offworld in the distant future as humans conquer interstellar travel post “Thornhill capacitor”  mentioned in Episode 8. Some time … More Episode 9 The Doctor and the War on C.A.C. XI

Doctor Two

Call me slow but I’ve only just realised how much like a Disney Princess our doc is after re-editing episode 4 while listening to Emma Watson singing Belle’s song – you know they are both intelligent young ladies who are wanting so much more than their well meaning elders have planned. Which means the Timelady … More Doctor Two

Episode 3 remastered

Right click THIS TEXT to save  episode 3 The young timelords continue their perilous adventure and an enemy infiltrates the central matrix on Gallifrey – written by Adam Brooks. Cast: The Doctor and Narrator – Rowena Dinsmore, teacher – John Brooks, Izzy – Brooke Malloy, Mastermind – Royce Gale Music: Music for Manatees, and Tempting Secrets by incompetech.com sound … More Episode 3 remastered