Episode 13 The Doctor and the Slaves of Time pt1

written by Royce Pentaghast edited by Carolyn Rutter and Damien Crompton Royce has given us quite a dark little contemplative 2 parter and some new pictures ¬†ūüôā I’ve wrapped it in two soundscapes – one’s epic violins and soaring vocals Alex Doan’s ‘ Beyond the Horizon’ a heavier version of his ‘Between Mirrors’ . The … More Episode 13 The Doctor and the Slaves of Time pt1


market stall

I’m going to a popculture market and going have a table representing the doctor audio adventures I’ll have free buttons and stuff to sell, all money goes to the Production of the audios

Mixing Audio 101

¬†“See 1 do 1 teach 1” A quick behind the scenes look at how we take our voice actors onto alien worlds. Did we mention we are all amatuers and volunteers? ¬†Firstly the lines are recorded by Adam Brooks the director¬†with the actors¬†in¬†studios at City Park Radio Launceston using Audacity. Audacity is an audio editing … More Mixing Audio 101

The Questr

So the fun¬†of the radio play is letting your imagination fill in the visuals but inevitably SOMEONE WILL WANT A PICTURE – Indeed Michael aka Terry asked me all about the inside of the Questr today, despite having been inside it¬† read the script. By happy coincidence the¬†multi-talented¬†¬†rabiddog008.deviantart.com¬†( who also¬†clipped together our first trailer and¬†voices … More The Questr