Episode 13 The Doctor and the Slaves of Time pt1

written by Royce Pentaghast edited by Carolyn Rutter and Damien Crompton Royce has given us quite a dark little contemplative 2 parter and some new pictures  🙂 I’ve wrapped it in two soundscapes – one’s epic violins and soaring vocals Alex Doan’s ‘ Beyond the Horizon’ a heavier version of his ‘Between Mirrors’ . The … More Episode 13 The Doctor and the Slaves of Time pt1

market stall

I’m going to a popculture market and going have a table representing the doctor audio adventures I’ll have free buttons and stuff to sell, all money goes to the Production of the audios

Mixing Audio 101

 “See 1 do 1 teach 1” A quick behind the scenes look at how we take our voice actors onto alien worlds. Did we mention we are all amatuers and volunteers?  Firstly the lines are recorded by Adam Brooks the director with the actors in studios at City Park Radio Launceston using Audacity. Audacity is an audio editing … More Mixing Audio 101

The Questr

So the fun of the radio play is letting your imagination fill in the visuals but inevitably SOMEONE WILL WANT A PICTURE – Indeed Michael aka Terry asked me all about the inside of the Questr today, despite having been inside it  read the script. By happy coincidence the multi-talented  rabiddog008.deviantart.com ( who also clipped together our first trailer and voices … More The Questr