Episode 12 The Doctor and the Haunted House pt2

written by Adam Brooks edited by Carolyn Rutter

ZOINKS! spoiler alerts

scene: interior – the doctor’s mind   In which we travel to Gallifrey past via cranial link array and once again meet the soothing sounds of City Park Radio presenter Bill Carney, the doc’s grandfather, and John Brooks reprising his role as the teacher. Don’t forget to put on your own cranial link ( headphones). I’ve staged the actors in stereo around the soundscape.


Dr Who? no it’s DrTwo

Narrator – Dian Smith, Doctor Two – Moira Seward, Terry – Michael Rutter, Child Doctor – Rowena Dinsmore, Bully Boy – Damien Crompton,  Bully girl – Amber Rack, Best Friend – Adam Brooks, Mysterious Old Man – Andrew Cruikshank, President – Bill Carney, Teacher – John Brooks and featuring as the Giant Rat-El snake monster – Pebbles the German Shepherd

IMG_1027.JPGIn addition to voicing the egg eating monster, Pebbles the pup – looking quite the part here, contributed this photo which was synthed using Coagula software into the Questr distressed noises for the final scene. Rather appropriate for an episode that riffs on Scooby doo. Urban Dictionary notes Robin from the Batman tv serial of the 1960’s was the first popular use of the exclamation ZOINKS!

Note: our sfx library is cumulative – hear a sound not listed? Its likely clipped from a previous episode – just scroll back through the episodes.



guest sfx from Jaspreet Singh – Paradox Audio

freesound.org – 97763__robinhood76__01732-running-baby

https://freesound.org/people/sandyrb/sounds/86656 native american rattle
Public Domain
Public Domain

“Taira Komori’s Japanese Free Sound Effects” taira-komori.jpn.org



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