Episode 14 the Doctor and the Slaves of Time pt2

written by Royce Pentaghast

edited by Carolyn Rutter

Poor Terry is picking a crop of mind altering darkshade plants for the druglord Veedoo on an alien pharm planet – LMS Pharming World 7120. How will the Doctor rescue him from this horror and restore his health?


  • Narrator – Dian Smith
  • Doctor:   – Moira Seward
  • Terry: her companion a 20 something male earthling – Michael Rutter
  • ALIEN VILLAIN – named Veedoo who is buying slave workers  (Richard Butler)
  • SLAVER –  named Mindoo  (Royce Gale/Pentaghast)
  • Gun Vendor – who has the stolen Questr (v1 Carolyn Rutter/v2 Adam Brooks)
  • market walla – Carlos Anon

Alien Accents

Ep 14 also comes in two flavours

GUN VENDOR  – “s/he’s irritating, never gives up and is possibly selling stolen merchandise” scripted broadly as a working class british voice so its hard to do any other  without changing the text.  I wanted a female voice somewhere in the script to balance the unintended gender bias which is simply the result of having a small cast so I kept my strict script version one

and we got the ok from Royce to throw the lines completely into ad lib – so we could have Adams awesome Kumars flavour ‘Sandalian’ accent for V2 below.

At one stage i considered making her a robot voice. The robots made their way into ep13 because of odd little problems with the scene involving late and missing lines. I’ve been exploring the text to speech software for the cyborgs in ep15/16 beginning with the very robotic single female voice found in Power sound editor, and discovering the powerful suite of free choices from texttospeech.com
acapela-box online even has an english indian voice – Deepa but she’s calm and definitely not irritating enough though i played with the slider on Deepa and bang instant sex change!
Funny thing – the acapela voice ‘queen elizabeth’ IS irritating enough …..

“LMS Pharming World 7120 – One of the many planets liberated by the alien police when the black market is found out at the end. Terry aged so horribly because the light of the sun is incredibly harsh when compared to Earth’s.” ~ Royce


Theme intro music courtesy Benjamin Rossiter

Beyond the horizon  courtesy of Alex Doan.

all other sounds unless otherwise noted are licensed by attribution creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Deserted by Fesliyan Studios, Echoes of Time by Kevin Macleod, Seeking Loot by machinimasound.com



174868__freemaster2__time-travel ( slaver ship)
234535__electroviolence__dry-transition (stun gun)


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