Episode 15 the Doctor and the Cyber Invasion pt1

ma'am in black moira


  • Narrator – Dian Smith
    • Technician monitoring meteor activity at Penrith Observatory – Richard Butler
    • Answering Machine – Carolyn Rutter
    • Duty Officer – Marie Butler-Cole
    • Doctor 2  – Moira Seward
    • Terry, her companion  – Michael Rutter
    • Trevor Fowler – Terry’s Dad – Damien Crompton
    • Mrs Fowler – Terry’s Mum – Janice Devine
    • william(bill) and edward(ted): terry’s twin cousins – Richard Butler
    • Space Refugees – (Steve White) (Katrina Joyner ) (Douglas Barbieri)
    • Cyborg – Emma www.fromtexttospeech.com

Written by Adam Brooks and Carmell Butter –

Edited by Carolyn Rutter and Jaspreet Singh

The ‘Ben Hur Episodes’ No one in their right mind does audiodrama with 17 parts! Thank you to Daphne Paris at http://www.aftrs.edu.au and Amber Rack DWAD for fielding panicked last minute casting calls. Thanks for technical advice to Mike at Meteorscan Radio Astronomy  www.meteorscan.com

Hello Carolyn

this sounds interesting. Our system can detect planes as continuous lines (in the time domain) without measurable Doppler so I’m sure it would detect another object similarly, but how you would tell the difference I do not know. they are detected only by reflections from the object itself rather than ionisation (which is much stronger).

Planes are gone from the trace quickly and have no doppler (reflected signal frequency changed due to speed). An alien craft might hover which would leave the trace up for much longer than a plane, but also show no doppler. This would look suspicious to anyone monitoring. You see something similar with the Moon in our examples. But the moon can be identified by its gradual Doppler shift, the ISS from its orbit schedule and its faster (but still fairly slow) doppler change. Meteors have a very rapid change in doppler as their speed changes from very fast, to nothing in a very short time. An alien craft might start as rapid doppler shift due to arriving at high speed, then remain as a static line on the trace (like an areoplane). Nothing natural could do this.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I have misunderstood your request!
You can find some examples of detections here:

Spoiler alert

Adam had this in production way before BBC announced the final episodes of Capaldi’s Doctor was to face the cybermen. It was the logical choice for a monster. But anyway watch Steven Moffatt and the BBC give the thumbs up to fanfic! 

It’s fanfic with references to X-FIles, MIB as well as Dr Who of course,  as Terry finally returns home to L Ron Hubbard’s composition which begins “Earth – my beautiful home”. Penrith Observatory actually does have a recorded message – although I didn’t ask to borrow it. I could not believe how hard it was to get a clip of greensleeves! Everything else was simple – there’s the 1986 grand final in the background, and numerous eerily beautiful field recordings from space missions. I couldn’t get one of the annual Quadrantids meteor shower, which is probably not actually visible at the new year from Parramatta, Sydney due to the light pollution so we used the Geminids.



theme music courtesy of Benjamin Rossiter
Space Jazz – Earth My Beautiful Home – Chick Corea L. Ron Hubbard
Between Mirrors from Alex Doan – free for non – commercial purposes

all other sounds unless otherwise noted are licensed by attribution creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Resurrection from Machinimasound.com cc by 0
Scouting Mission from Fesliyanstudios.com


custom Questr landing effect by James Beacham cell31 sound productions


  • Radio_Waves_Earth_Magnetosphere
  • Van_Allen_Probes_A_NYE_Whistlers_2015-12-31
  • space – Musical tones from Juno Waves Perijove 4 pass

https://freemidi.org/download-12439-greensleeves-richard-clayderman (yes there is a recorded message at Penrith Observatory but no it does not play Greensleeves)


please note:our sound fx library is cumulative – if you hear a sound not listed check the previous episodes  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.


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