Episode 16 the Doctor and the Cyber Invasion pt2

doctor and cybers

Written by Adam Brooks and edited by Carolyn Rutter and Jaspreet Singh

The season finale! Subtitle ‘Warehouse 13’ Find out exactly what those cybers are up to and just why does that refugee crew member sound so robotic?


  • Narrator – Dian Smith
  • Technician at Penrith Observatory – Richard Butler
  • Duty Officer – Marie Butler-Cole
  • Doctor 2  – Moira Seward
  • Terry, her companion  – Michael Rutter
  • Trevor Fowler, Terry’s Dad – Damien Crompton
  • Mrs Fowler, Terry’s Mum – Janice Devine
  • william (bill) and edward (ted): terry’s twin cousins – Richard Butler
  • Space Refugees – (Steve White) (Katrina Joyner ) (Douglas Barbieri)
  • Izzy (I.S. Bot) – Amber Rack
  • Control Agent and Man In Black – Carlos Anon
  • Cyborgs – Emma, Harry and Alice ( pitched down 2 semitones)  www.fromtexttospeech.com

Wonderful job by the cast members, and special mention to Michael for coming up with Terry’s dialogue. Another big thanks to the generous people around the world who contribute their field recordings, music and especially Katrina Joyner for the fabulous new artwork which help us get onto the podcast sites and generally look awesome. (Very morale boosting when my computer says no …)

Spoiler Alert

Adam’s version of cyber people –  a Terminator style idea – it can wear a fleshy exterior and move quietly enough to sneak up on people when they want to.

terminator 3

I had something like this more in mind aurally – very cadavery, if you want a scare.

but steampunk noises didn’t quite work with the space field recordings so those classic cyberman stomps stayed. Ours are like super nanny. Precise and  brook no opposition. They are vocally more perfect than humans to match their incorruptible bodies – it’s an idealised voice from a state of the art text to speech engine – there was an actual human in it long ago, the name is buried in the metadata and appears on our cast list. The robot with heart – Izzy is acted by Amber Rack, logically – the cybers would approve.



Theme by Benjamin Rossiter
Between Mirrors from Alex Doan
Resurrection from Machinimasound.com
David Fesliyan – Scouting Mission and Fire of The Storm Fesliyanstudios.com


There are some marvellous Tasmanian field recordings – i couldn’t not use the radio telescope, and another original coagula image synth generated SFX for the Cyber reveal.

Holden Monaro standing in for Terry’s dad’s car – the colours are right though 🙂 courtesy of

http://space-audio.org/ licence cc by 3
Cassini – Saturns Eerie Radio Emissions – http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/space-audio/cassini/SKR1/
dimensional gate – 578359main_kepler_star_KIC7671081B
cybermats – 598980main_stardust_tempel1


“Moving the 26 meter radio-telescope on Mt Pleasant near Hobart Tasmania, not a great recording unfortunately, it was bleak and windy on the day “



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