season 2 thanks

So with the last episode airing for the season I want to thank everyone the acting team Dian has been able to bend over backwards for this project while doing many other things, Michael, President – Bill Carney, Teacher – John Brooks who stuck with us from the 1st season, Moira our 2nd doctor, Rowena our … More season 2 thanks


Episode 16 the Doctor and the Cyber Invasion pt2

Written by Adam Brooks and edited by Carolyn Rutter and Jaspreet Singh The season finale! Subtitle ‘Warehouse 13’ Find out exactly what those cybers are up to and just why does that refugee crew member sound so robotic? Cast Narrator – Dian Smith Technician at Penrith Observatory – Richard Butler Duty Officer – Marie Butler-Cole Doctor 2 … More Episode 16 the Doctor and the Cyber Invasion pt2

Episode 3 remastered

Right click THIS TEXT to save  episode 3 The young timelords continue their perilous adventure and an enemy infiltrates the central matrix on Gallifrey – written by Adam Brooks. Cast: The Doctor and Narrator – Rowena Dinsmore, teacher – John Brooks, Izzy – Brooke Malloy, Mastermind – Royce Gale Music: Music for Manatees, and Tempting Secrets by sound … More Episode 3 remastered


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