season 2 thanks

So with the last episode airing for the season I want to thank everyone the acting team Dian has been able to bend over backwards for this project while doing many other things, Michael, President – Bill Carney, Teacher – John Brooks who stuck with us from the 1st season, Moira our 2nd doctor, Rowena our 1st, Janice who did Terry’s mum Mrs Fowler, Amber, Marie, Steve, Andrew, Carlos, Doug, Damien,Richard – all you picked up so many bit parts an helped out whenever we needed it. Royce pulling triple duty acting writing and doing our artwork, Katrina – also doing triple on acting, vocals and artwork for Dr2, the editor/actors Trevor, Jaz and Carolyn.

thanks can not be said enough to everyone who took it out of their time to work on this series and to city park radio for allowing us to broadcast it, and to our fans enjoy the doctors audio adventures n you’ll hear from us again soon…


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